kouichi kimura x orimoto izumi byもふ
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kouichi kimura x orimoto izumi byもふ

skybluechocobo sent: Kenichi Suzumura!


1. My favourite role: Hmmm. I loved listening to him in Ixion Saga DT as Gustave since his character was so comical! XD

Heck, everybody in Ixion Saga DT was fun to listen to!

2. My least favourite role: Hmm… As much as I liked Senyu, probably Foyfoy? ==;; (pfft…”Foyfoy…”)

3. A character type I want to see them play more often: Hmmm… Cute/comical? Since I usually hear him playing stoic/blasé/orjustplainpissed.

4. Would I watch a show just because he’s in it? Probably not. His voice and acting are pretty good, but he’s not on my “omg I love his voice~!!” list. Sorry.

5. Three more roles I like him in:
Murasakibara from Kurobas

Okita from Gintama

Masato Hijirikawa from UtaPuri because of SINGING!! XD